Core Idea Diversification is a core piece of investing. Traditional finance has mutual funds, exchange traded funds, money markets and other simple ways for investors to directly participate in a basket of assets. These systems reduce systematic risk for investors in easily accessible ways. Anybody can simply buy an ETF like SPY or VOO, and they're then immediately exposed to the price movement of 100s of different stocks. Similar instruments are available for practically any facet of traditional finances. Unfortunately that isn't the case in DeFi. While the emphasis on "do your own research" is incredibly valuable, it's an obstacle which prevents busier people from joining - a single token can take hours to days to research, meaning diversification is completely out of reach. An ETF equivalent for DeFi removes this barrier, and can be done through smart contracts - meaning no fee paid to a money manager. ERC20, NFTs, crypto, DAOs can all be managed through decentralized pools, allowing quick and easy access.
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