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What is Cookbook?
NPM for smart contracts, except way better.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cookbook?

Cookbook is an open source smart contract marketplace. You can search, upload, download, deploy, manage, and integrate any Solidity smart contract into your app. We support any workflow. You can download source code, or deploy with our UI, it's up to you!

Is Cookbook free?

Cookbook is completely free. Everything listed on Cookbook by us is completely free, along with our deployment and management tools. Some builders may choose to charge royalties for their smart contracts, and these are transparently disclosed.

How do you make money?

We provide other special products and smart contracts for funded businesses. This way we can build Cookbook as a public good and help new projects get off the ground quickly and cheaply.

What blockchains are supported?

We're currently supporting any blockchain that uses Solidity. Our no-code tools will support any blockchain which supports ethers.js and Metamask, and we're adding new chains on request.

How can I use my contract?

Once you deploy you can embed your smart contract directly into your site (Webflow, Squarespace supported). You can also download the ABI from your dashboard and add directly to your app if you're more experienced. We will provide code samples on how to integrate in the future.

How do I interact with and manage my smart contract?

In your dashboard, all of your smart contracts are listed. Click manage on any of them and you'll be able to change any variables you want. You can change prices, add users to a whitelist; anything that is supported by the smart contract.

Do I own my smart contract?

Yes! Any smart contract you deploy is directly owned and controlled by your wallet. We don't use proxies or anything that obfuscates your ability to use your contract how you please. You can use any workflow or process that you prefer.

How do I upload my contract?

We're building an upload system for this very soon :) For now, you can Submit a Listing and we can list your contract on Cookbook.

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